Monday, July 16, 2012

Forever? Long?....No Just His Timing!


I hope you all got our newsletter, if not, you can read it here or let me know and I will email one to you. We still have not found a place of our own to stay. The pastor here at First Baptist in Hawaii has graciously allowed us to stay in a missionary room at a low cost until early fall. This gives us some more time to locate an affordable, family friendly apartment until we can get our house sold.

Hawaii is a very costly state to live in and we recognize this more each day with a limited income. It is a challenge, but God has been providing in small but sufficient ways for our needs. This is not to be complacent, but while our bathroom is across the church hallway and the kitchen is downstairs and which we can only use at specifed times,We are thankful that we do have a place to stay. It seems like forever to find a place of our own and we really miss the comfort of our own home in Virginia, but we know His timing is always perfect.

I have taken a temporary job at a bank here in Hawaii, so our family can have some extra income. It was not my desire to do so, but it is a way to meet our needs while still working to advance the ministry of CEF. Please continue to pray that we can raise the much needed support that is required so that we can focus fully on the ministry.

Just yesterday we went to a youth event at San Souci beach near Waikiki and as I was speaking with the pastor, and he asked to do a Good News Club® training at his church, WOW!! I did not even have to ask. He already knows 6 people who would be willing to do the training to reach the Keiki of Hawaii. So please pray that we can successfully complete this training as we plan to get it all organized in the next couple months.

Things are moving along slowly, but they are moving along and we look forward to seeing the Great things the Lord will do here. Mahalo for partnering for the Keiki.

Blessings to you all.

In His service,

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

♪1,2,3 Jesus Loves me♪


   It is hard to think that it has already been a month since we have been on the island, how time flies. It has been an exciting month though and Kristin and I continue to learn how to better trust the Lord each day. 

    Kristin has officially started her position as the Office Manager for CEF of Hawaii. She has been blessed with the opportunity to work from home which makes it a lot easier with Timothy and Annikah. I have also been busy with Day Camps and 5 Day Clubs, but I am enjoying my time with the children and the summer staff. It has been a good opportunity to see how things work here in Hawaii with respect to the ministry of CEF and also brainstorm ways in which it can grow and be improved to reach more keiki (Children).
      Below are just a couple of pictures of some kids who came to a 1 week day camp. They are showing the bracelets that my home Church, Midway Baptist made for them. We had 94 kids who heard the Gospel and 20 kids saved. The kids who attended are living in a transition home, because they have no other place to go.

      I was able to share the Gospel with three parents 2 of which hold to Mormon teachings and one who grew up in a southern Baptist church but stopped attending. Two of these parents have been greatly encouraged by their children who attended and are now looking for a church home. 

     The parent below with her daughter is searching for the Lord and I was used of the Lord  to share with her and pray with her. She has been studying the book of Mormon and doing a Mormon bible study...but has been searching for the Truth, Jesus Christ.  Her daughter in the picture came to club all week and she has been greatly encouraged by her daughter and wants to be able to help here understand God's Word, but she said she does not know how. I was able to give her the contact information for the Pastor of the church that sponsored our week of ministry.  I did some follow up with her and she said this about her daughter,

"Kaiulani (daughter) has been signing the songs your group taught her...we were going for a ride in the car and she burst out in song 1,2,3 Jesus loves me ♪ ♪...I looked at her and started singing along. It was simple but full of joy!! Thank You!"

Praise the Lord and please pray for Trisha & Chris and their daughter Kaiulani. I was able to direct them to the supporting church that sponsored our day-camp, so we will see where the Lord leads. 

Children listening to the Bible Lesson
Trisha & Kaiulani
Children showing their
bracelets made by
 Midway Baptist Church
Children showing  wordless book bracelet

Isn't it such a blessing to see what God is doing? Mahalo for your partnership to reach the keiki and people of  Hawai'i.