Monday, August 8, 2011

Missionaries to Hawaii

          The past week has been busy, meeting people, finishing up summer seminary classes and getting things ready for MO. Last week though, Kristin and I had the opportunity to meet some friends and our future co-workers in ministry for Hawaii, Matt and Stacey Walton. We were finally able to connect last Tuesday at Fairy Stone State Park in Stuart VA. We were only able to spend a couple hours together, but it was a great time.

        Matt and Stacey completed  the Children's Ministries Institute this Spring and have already begun implementing what they have learnt. They were able to get across to Hawaii for a short term trip and participate in ministry there. They have also been active in the ministry of CEF in North Carolina.

      Matt and Stacey, like us have answered the call to step out in faith and follow the Lord into full-time ministry. Like us, they are also unemployed and are in the process of raising their financial support. Stacey is currently looking for a job to support them financially through the support raising process. So please keep the Walton's in your prayers. If you would like to know more about them and follow their journey to Hawaii, you can check out their blog at:

Ricardo & Kristin

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