Thursday, September 15, 2011

Week 4 Completed

Today, completed the 2 week module, Progressive Methods of Child Evangelism. We ended the day doing my very first Party Club. It was stressful preparing and being new to the methods used by CEF, but God showed himself strong and kids responded to the invitation!! Wahoo!!

 For those of you wondering what is a Party Club well:
Children love to be invited to parties. Even more, they love to bring their friends to parties.  Games, treats, activities … CEF Party Clubs incorporate all this fun but what makes a CEF Party Club unique is the presentation of a clear Gospel message wrapped in a theme-based story or lesson.   Party clubs are an excellent way for churches to initiate outreach to children and their families.

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Kristin as well as my teammates and instructors were very encouraging and that was a great help.

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