Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Good News Club® Take 2


For the past few months we the staff of CEF Hawaii have been working to advance the ministry to the Keiki of  Hawaii. We have been training a team of committed Christians to effectively share the Gospel with Keiki and how to conduct a Good News Club® ministry. 

Today we launched the 2nd Good News Club here on Oahu. There are now 2 Good News Clubs in the entire state of Hawaii. This by far is not a large number, however, each club started allows a greater opportunity for the Keiki of Hawaii to here the Gospel and puts CEF Hawaii one step closer to  reaching Every Keiki on Every Island with the Gospel. 

Today we only had two keiki show up for this club, again this is not a large number, however, through an exciting club the Gospel was presented. When the club was over, those two keiki who attended club had made a first time decision for Christ. What a blessing! 

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