Friday, February 3, 2012

Work as a Missionary

Some of you have asked what exactly, I will be doing in Hawaii as a missionary. Well to give you an idea I have included a brief overview below...hope this helps you to better understand and lead you to partner with us financially.

As CEF Local Director I am the staff member responsible for the oversight and vision casting for the ministry of reaching and teaching children for Christ in Maui County (including the islands of Maui, Molokai and Lanai), Hawaii. I will help develop resources and Christians necessary to carry out the ministry of CEF in that given area.


1. Develop with the State Director and effectively communicate the vision and written strategic plan for the evangelization and discipleship of the children in the area.     
2. Oversee the primary ministries of CEF including Good News Club®, 5-Day Clubs®, CYIA®, Camp Good News® and party clubs.

3. Establish ministry to reach unreached children throughout Maui County.

4. Recruit personnel (i.e. teachers, hostesses, helpers, counselors, summer missionaries, prayer partners, etc.) to work in the ministry.   
5. Establish and maintain an effective prayer program in coordination with the State Prayer Chairperson so people can pray knowledgeably.

6. Maintain a visitation program with individuals and churches to promote the ministry and keep the Christian public informed.

7. Promote the programs and ministries of CEF with individuals and churches and keep the Christian public informed regarding CEF.

8. Present CEF in the local churches that can doctrinally work with CEF. Develop and maintain good communications with churches and pastors or key leaders. Keep the ministry of CEF church related as much as possible.

9. Set up and promote a regular Teacher Training Class program and other specialized training.

10. Actively engage in the CYIA training and ministry.

11. Teach a Good News Club or other CEF ministry with children to keep up-to-date.


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